Between dream beauty and charm of soul .. your art grants his notes. Tweety Rigo, writer

As Goethe knew how to extract the soul in the colors you did you do with the images. Loredana

Now we know who the seisnble one is here. Great post! Paul

A. de Saint Exupéry in The Little Prince said that "what is essential is invisible to the eye and do not read that from the heart", you can with photography to express what your heart law. Congratulations! Sandra Pica

Brush and target melt in your poetry of images, Luigi, according to Horace said "ut pictura poesis". Congratulations for your art so far from conventional daguerreotype so only need to click on the subject in focus. I am reminded of a phrase of Paul Klee "Art does not reproduce the visible, but makes visible": what you do is just that, piercing the veil of Maya to tap into a vision of reality "sub specie aeternitatis". Angela Ambrosini

There are sufficiently significant to define what you are capable of giving ... nourish our souls! Anna Rita

The termine..bello is simplistic, but cloaked in a dream is the feeling that I did. Anna Maria.

Feedback beds fascinated me. Daria

Painting with the camera is a wonderful thing .. Mario

It's like being in another reality, a dream of the past. Thanks for letting us move so ... Lilia and Adriano.

With an eye of curiosity 'childhood to life, things and people, I found these images delicious and original. Lara, Turin.

Fantastic !!! It 's rare, occasionally gray, meet souls so bright ... A true poet, thanks to a lot of art! Beth

Finally came your creations: from life make it even more .. in all its haunting beauty. Now they stand out in my room. Marco.

From Livorno and Pisa compliments for the stolen images that have aroused in me feelings of neglect, curiosity and pleasure. Elisa.

I would call it a "thief of souls," a "Real Life of ames" ... Teresa Pedroni.

Your eyes are very deep ... they can see what often escapes ... your eyes (of the soul) tell us about emotions ... your pictures are food for the soul .... Thanks! I hope soon to meet your eyes ... p.i.

You have done more than capture the images, you stole my soul and dive into your world was how to escape from this reality as trivial and superficial .. you visit the depths of anything and in addition to receiving the gift of joy of what, you also have to make it rejoice to other .. The streets of God are endless .. Vale, Milano.

A blink of an eye, a fast movement, a click .. and you who rides smiling, happy with your work, and already think of the next photo. Michela.

Wonderfully expressive, sublime compositions, excellent artistic work. Barbara and Luca. Udine.

Your works have a great power of attraction and catch the eye. Caesar

Intriguing technique, delightful paintings, extraordinary success. Francesco, Rinaldo, Alessandra.

"No artist sees things as they really are, if it did cease to be an artist." (Oscar Wilde). Luigi, your view of the world is really unique and special. You're a thief image, beauty and poetry. Sabina, Genoa.

I met you, you made me discover your beautiful images and poetic ... you've forwarded your passion, the fire inside you for what fai..e that has awakened my ... Elena R.

Taking to the soul of your party, so, always preferring the eternal in us, cleaving sight and heart with the same peaceful power of the two gondolas, innamoratesi, cut the sea. Congratulations. Tweety Rigo, writer.

A real journey is not to discover new landscapes, but in having new eyes. Enchanted admire what your eyes show us is an exciting journey towards reality small and precious. Rachele

I can only groped to tell the feelings that I felt when I look at them simply using the terms that come directly to my heart and not my brain: endless, love found and expanded, sweetness, hope, eternity ....... the presence of God in us. A hug. Anna from Turin.

I had the opportunity to see beautiful shots, images common to everyday life, but seen with a very rare sensitivity instead. His talent is great as the results are beautiful all the photos that I have observed and remained glued to the screen one by one until the last, hoping to soon see an exhibition. In each picture there is human sensitivity and irony, both in shooting and in the choice of the title of the picture itself, those characters that have made photography and have made a real art. In his pictures there is everything: the irony and poetry Picture of Robert Doisneau, the sensitivity to nature and the technique of Fernand Hick, traits of Impressionist painting, there is so much, there is everything, there is talent. Congratulations again. Congratulations and best wishes for the future that awaits. Lorenzo F.

I thought I'd be in for a surprise when i heard you'd be out with a web site, but it went far beyond my wildest expectations! I can not help but congratulate you on your work. What I see here is impressive in itself, yet I feel more is about to come and you will push the envelope once again. Cheers, Luigi. Yours, Paul Andrew.

Louis, how can I say more than what you already have "told" you, with your photos? You "say" the unsaid, represents the motions of the reality that we did not imagine and we do gift with the simplicity of the poet and the child, and we do, "Ohhhhhhhh, how wonderful!" as in the song. Thanks Luigi to tell us how life does not seem like it is not, as it should be. Gianna Braghin, Head Department of Tourism Codigoro Pomposa.

I love the idea! the search for simplicity and counting those who can go to the essential! Fabio

Originales et sont terriblement fantastiques! The fallait y penser et cela women a genial aspect. Catherine Magnifique: pureté, blancheur, plénitude! Bravo à vous! Myriam Original! les mots ont une densité énergétique here permettent de regarder l'image sur plusieurs plans.Très beau travail et intensité of Beaucoup de bruit et densité ... silence - j'aime. Intéressant original palpableboire et la lumière - j'aime le titre et le dessin. Annie

The artist focuses on the man. The artist of the "new humanism .." Flavia

The white of the paper you admire people here every time look away, seem to change position .. Anna Rosa

Suspended, dreamy, dazzling. Roberto

"I'm hanging in dreams reality." Ruggero

Your art is clear and dreamy, wonderful! I would add to your fans ... Caterina

They express positivity and serenity of these unique works where peace excels. Stefano

I like this artwork ...! Luigi ... Thanks! Khadija

Out of nowhere, the absolute clarity, emerging figures, colorful, crisp, perfect, whose detailed bill contrasts with the whiteness that stand out. Where they come from: from another dimension? It is a door through which the space-time to find themselves here, visible to us, talking about themselves, only through what they bring to wear? Familiar yet foreign, we do not trust them, they look like very much to men and women of our world but not canceled, along with the buzz that we seem to perceive around them, a note of realism too perfect to be true. I am they aliens? Clones of us who look at them? Or simply give us, so, with a white, denouncing it, not natural, but the conventionality of what we are? More real than the real, unmasked somehow our consciousness asleep when it makes its way and emerges the question of strange characters silently evoked, but that's how we are, too? Cloris

Light !!!! Rosaria

Purity and research. Edda

I admire your technique. Flora

Very deep they exude a celestial serenity. Licia

I can not write a comment: I'll leave it to Octavio Paz:

.. In a building roar of the waterfall heaven and earth .. Chiara

Fairy tales marine: poetry no presence, lyrical almost ascetic. Gianremo

Walking through the fairy tales I met a dream. Teresa

Never before seen wonderful. Barbro

Love at first sight. Francesca

"Fellini". Angel

A timeless space and a time without space. Antonio

The images float in the dream are sharp but suspended. Anonymous

Bask your images remains one of the best escapes from everyday life. Daniela

The method of deconstruction recalls Picasso. Nina

Congratulations to the style "on anything essential." Luca

It's really a different innovative technic, i liked the mix between the photographical view and at the same time it is like to paint. Hatice

In your work you can not perceive the boundary between photography and painting, and the result is wonderful, it's just a dream .. Isa

Since chaos Seize and imprint is essential! Mery

Since I saw his fairy tales marine I can not get them from the head. I did not think you could tell so much through a color like white. Antonella

Highly symbolic images, artwork very strong. Alfredo

You're different from other artists, because they have depth of spirit. Mara

White poetry, fairy tales marine. Mauro

The projection of the forms in search of new life. Paschal

Your art captures but sets us free. Marine

It 'a white filling. Giulia

Kidnapped from your fairy tales. He Knows

Stay always so clean and simple. Agostino

Via Margutta, a few drops and sky dirty coal. My pace stops, stumbling in your colors, your white space of your marine tales. Serenity breath and I get excited. Silvia, graphics

The language of fairy tales is spectacular, the pictures they send me joy and serenity. The characters seem to speak. Mary

Congratulations on your ideas, and how we provide necessary information. Maybe the sea was like paint you in fairy tales marine. Angela, composer

The artist is the creator of beautiful things and art is indispensable foundation of life in all its forms. You're a myth !. Manuela

I find the stories moving and exciting and sometimes veiled in a healthy madness that makes this artist. Simona

I was "enchanted" by your works, that interpretation by the sea, through your fairytale others get excited ...! Manuela

Tomorrow maybe I'll look the sea dreaming to stop as you did .. Carlo

With your images you dive in a real fairy tale .. ..! Rossella

Sense of spirituality and serenity. Lina

His paintings make me go into a dream. Mariella

Suggestions of marine light. Roberto

Exciting. Adriano

It 'a dream! Free your Mind! Patrizia

An impressive display white background conveys a feeling of peace. Guido

A dream "white" with many simple and beautiful emotions of life ... Chiara

Congratulations, in the general landscape of art is definitely what impressed me the most. Gino

Essential spirit, unique. Giuseppe

They give me a lot of peace of mind that ... these beautiful marine tales. Stefania

Candida suggestion. Brown

There is a simple over the top and works speak and express feelings. Adriana

Communicate his inner is only possible to the artists. Congratulations exciting. Enrica

Such sweetness visual threatens to raise your blood sugar. Mark

Unexpected discovery and pleasant. Clarice

Beatiful !!! I love the negative space withe. Hanneth

Original and of value. Emilio

Loving the simplicity of the beach drawings. Heidi

Immersion in a fairy tale. Gianluca and Ilaria

The predominance of white (color that adds up all the colors) strikes me and I can fill them with other dreams. Mary

Under the guise of the white do not stop, ever, to capture magical moments ... Debora

Sense of spirituality and serenity. Lina

Painter with the camera. Adriano

Works are suggestive, evocative, makes you want to go to the beach or at least dream about it !!! Monica

Were you able to move me again ..... am so glad for your growing and deserved success. Elisabetta

There is an idea, beautiful and original in your fairy tales marine. Agate

Affected by marine tales! I do not often .. Francesca, painter

Peculiar tales marine ... The compliment! Maria Pia

Beautiful fairy tales marine, because you leave complete by our imagination. Luigia

Thanks to the emotions conveyed on the wire of fairy tales. Sandra and Renato

They spend more images, but fairy tales are marine. Paul

! ? !!! Maurizio

Exciting, poignant tales of the sea marine. Gabriella

Your works are the essence of the soul. Giuseppe

There is silence and depth in marine tales. White

Evocative details formidable! . Giovanna

Amazing tales marine. Nicola

Fairy tales are unique marine and expressive! Francesco.

Irresistible attraction. Giorgia

A dreamy crunch, congratulations! Matteo

The images give a sense of purity and freedom. Corrado

... A hint that leaves room for their imagination. Daniela

Small images for big emotions. Floriana

Thanks for the dream. Andrea

The observation of the works free the imagination. Mauro

It did suffer the smell of the sea. Sea people

Original fantastic new together. Monica

Very fine! Light and powerful at the same time. Gianfranco

Very beautiful especially fabulous. Celine

Congratulations because he has hit the mark ! Giuseppe

I was enchanted. Luca